What’s New: Tom’s Folly – Howell Mill

Tom’s Folly bar and grill quietly opened last Tuesday on Howell Mill Rd., taking the space previously occupied by the Mediterranean restaurant, Khima.

The decor is simple, offering a dark wooden bar, a few TVs, and 10-12 tables. As stated on their website, this is a no-frills neighborhood spot to “come eat, drink, and watch sports on our big screens”, and that is exactly the feeling that you get as you walk through the door.

The best way that I can describe the menu is “eclectic bar food”. The appetizer selection alone includes chicken liver pate on toast, pot stickers, wings, and house-cured smoked salmon. Owner Tom Richardson prides himself on making as much of his food in house as possible, including their spicy mustard BBQ sauce, Italian sausage, and even their ketchup. I respect that.

 Tom’s differentiates itself from other pubs in their genre by branching out on their menu, offering fare that is a slight step up from the run of the mill bar food, while still reasonably priced. Sandwich options include the smoked BBQ pulled pork sandwich, a crab cake sandwich, the house-roasted beef, and “The burger”, which is a mix of….

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Dining Review: Yeah! Burger

A stacked beef burger (all photos by Becky Stein)

A stacked beef burger (all photos by Becky Stein)

If you build a burger, we will come.

That seems to be the thought process behind Shaun Doty and Erik Maier’s Yeah Burger in West Midtown, a latecomer to Atlanta’s burger explosion. And if you stop in during peak lunch hours, it seems they were right.

 All the pieces for a top-notch burger experience are in place: Culinary pedigree? Check. High quality, grass-fed beef? Check. Flavorful toppings? Check.

But as any good chef will tell you, ingredients are only half of the battle.

Guests order at the counter, take a number, and seat themselves, either on the spacious patio or in the dining room. The step-by-step menu allows for a lot of customization and, depending on your toppings, the price escalates quickly. You start with the patty ($5.99-$7.99) and build from there. Cheese adds $1, as do “premium toppings” such as a fried egg, bacon, and avocado.

For those watching their pocketbooks, I …

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Burger Patty Debate: Thick vs. Thin?

Photo credit: Jessica Farreny/Community News Service LLC

If you could only eat one kind of burger for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Now pause. Think that over for a moment…picture it in your head. I’ll wait.

Got it yet? Ok, let’s move on.

Yesterday, Eatocracy posted an article referencing Alton Brown’s recent declaration on the Food Network special America’s Best that the late-night burger at Holeman & Finch Public House is the best burger in America.

And a tsunami of passionate comments ensued.

As I read through the comments, some of which agreed with the claim while most countered with what they considered to be the best burger and how crazy he/she thought Alton was, I noticed something. Most of the suggestions had a common theme: they weren’t just suggesting a burger from a different restaurant, they were suggesting a different style of burger.

Ranking food– specifically, claiming that one dish is the best of its kind in the country–can be tricky. So much of it comes down to individual preference. Of course, it is much easier to compare two dishes of the same style, but ranking two varieties of burger that are of equal quality is a different beast all together.

That’s why you will never hear me claim to have found the best burger ever.

One of the best? Sure, I can definitely say that. But to crown the One Burger to rule them all is a very big claim, and a question that I’m not sure that anyone can answer in this life.

There are many different sub-species of burgers to choose from, with limitless varieties of toppings and presentations.

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Taste of Atlanta 2010 Recap

Every October our city’s largest food event, Taste of Atlanta, comes around, attracting over 70 restaurants, all of the top chefs in town, and hordes of food enthusiasts. And every year, without fail, I can’t go.

Thankfully, this year the planets aligned, and I actually had the weekend open.

If you’ve never attended Taste of Atlanta before, you should go at least once. It is a great opportunity to discover new restaurants, expand your knowledge of our city’s culinary landscape, and eat a hell of a lot of good food.

Just a warning for you ochlophobes out there – it is a very popular event, and it gets CROWDED. Surprisingly, not SO crowded that you have to wait 15 minutes to get a dish…in fact, I could walk right up to most of the tables and have my food in a matter of seconds. But it is a sea of people. If that sort of thing doesn’t faze you, then I’d say don’t miss it. In addition to all of the awesome food, there are cooking demos, guest speakers, cook-off competitions, and more.

I had my crappy little point-n-click in tow this Saturday, and snapped a few photos to remember the day by. However, there are plenty of folks that took a lot better pictures than I did…and you can find some of them here and here.

Hope to see y’all out there next year!

Jim 'N Nick's BBQ

Jim n' Nick's Pork Taco

Gladys Knights' Chicken & Waffles

Kevin Gillespie cooking demo

Autentico Inc. Street Food - Tilapia and Sweet Tomato Jam Tostadas

Autentico Inc. - Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche

Tuk Tuk Beef Skewers

VIP Wine Tasting

VIP Wine Tasting

Empire State South - Lamb Rillette w/ Pickled Fennel & Mustard Seed



Ribs n Blues BBQ

Crepe Revolution - Strawberry & Nutella crepe

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