Super Secret Food Truck Extravaganza (Part Deux)

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, since I have already given you guys all of the background on the previous Food Truck Extravaganza hosted by Buckhead’s favorite soup and sandwich queen and Food Truck activist, Souper Jenny.

Somehow, this week’s food truck gathering stayed off of my radar until about 7 PM the night of, when I was trying to decide what to eat all by myself. Living right around the corner, I decided to pop on over and support the cause. There were some familiar faces and some newcomers, but it was just as much fun as the last time. I really hope they keep this up, not only because of how insanely convenient it is for me, but also to keep the momentum and awareness about Atlanta’s food truck scene rolling.

Now for some Street Food Porn.


The Hankook powered Yumbii truck was in full effect this evening. Given that I work right by Hankook, I wasn’t about to deal with the massive line, but it was hands-down the most popular truck at the event.


The Yum-Yum Cupcake truck made her first appearance at the Extravaganza, and this girl knows how to bake herself some cupcakes. I picked up a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Mint-Chocolate, and Red Velvet for the future Mrs., and they were delicious. The cake was so moist, it basically fell apart in your hands.

Just Loafin'

Bet you thought these guys were done, huh? Just Loafin’, previously a brick-n-morter shop in Buckhead that drew heavily on the late night drunken crowd, shuttered their doors a few months back. Unbeknownst to most of us, it was because they were going mobile.

Cajun Chicken and Tasso Ham Eggrolls

These Chicken and Ham eggrolls from The Pickle were pretty tasty, but I could have done with some more ham flavor. These tasted remarkably like the non-ham chicken eggrolls that they served to me last time. Still good, but I was hoping for some new flavors.

Black Tie Sausage

So I actually remembered to take a picture of Spencer’s food this time! Having already had the famous Black Tie BBQ Chicken Skewers, I sprung for the sasauge. This picture doesn’t do it justice (mostly because it was getting dark out) but this monster was huge. The sasauge had some great heat to it, and I was recommending it to anyone that would stop and talk to me. Remember, I went up here alone, so I was talking to everyone. And probably creeped a few people out.

Spicy Cucmber Jalepeno Pop

And what food cart event would be complete without Atlanta’s favorite, The King of Pops? I had to grab at least one for the road (ok, I grabbed three), and the Spicy Cucmber Jalepeno was screaming my name. Dude was not messing around when he added the spice to this one. I actually found myself fanning my mouth and grabbing for the Mexican Chocolate pop just to cool my mouth down. But I loved it. This was a very unique flavor combination, but that is what we have all come to expect from KOP.

If you have not made it out to any of the Street Food events here in town, I highly recommend that you come by to show your support. You will be helping out a much-needed movement for Atlanta, and you’ll get some good eats in the process.

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