The Best Popsicles in Atlanta…Delivered!

And on the 8th day, the lord created popsicles. And he saw that this was good.

Have you ever had a craving for a hand crafted gourmet popsicle, but just can’t bring yourself to leave the house? Have you found yourself rooting through your freezer for a Honeydew and Lime popsicle, only to come up wanting? Well, my friends, you can now celebrate.

The folks at Zifty have paired up with Atlanta’s King of Pops, and you can now have his amazingly delicious concoctions shuttled right to your doorstep. No longer will you have to subsist on mere Fudgesicles or Rocket pops. Now, you can load your fridge with flavors like Orange Basil, Chocolate Sea Salt, and Blackberry Mojito (which I am currently snacking on at my desk.)

The flavors seem to rotate pretty frequently, so you never really know what is going to be available. But rest assured, whatever they have is probably going to be awesome.

Priced at $2.50/ea, $2.99/ea the only additional cost that you will incur is the $4.99 delivery fee. So, in order for the economics to make sense, I highly recommend ordering a bunch of them and stocking your freezer.

As is known to often happen with KOP’s treats, they do sell out. So get ‘em while you can.


Zifty –


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  1. Posted August 20, 2010 at 4:49 pm | Permalink

    We actually had to raise the price to $2.99 per popsicle to cover the cost of dry ice to ensure they’re totally frozen all the way to your doorstep — the heat proved too much for our usual insulated cold bags. On the upside, we’re also working on adding some quantity discounts too when buying 3 or more — look for those coming soon!

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