Nashville Highlights

    The weekend in Nashville was great. Definitely too tired and hungover right now to get into exhaustive details, but we had a couple of noteworthy meals during the trip. So, if any of you are in Nashville anytime soon, I’d recommend swinging by the following:

    Sportsman’s Grille:

    Unfortunately, bad lighting and the iPhone camera don’t get along very well, so I couldn’t get any usable pictures from our late afternoon lunch here on Saturday. But I at least wanted to mention the German Fried Bologna sandwich….it is basically a 1/2 in. thick bologna patty, pan fried, and served with melted pepper jack and onion. Greasy, fattening, and delicious. Washed down with a cold beer, it was a great game-day meal.

   Sunset Grill:

    This contemporary American fine dining institution serves up a seasonal menu that includes quite a few beautifully plated and unique dishes, such as the Ginger-mint ceviche and the spicy Voodoo pasta.

Polenta Cheese Fries

Polenta Cheese Fries

  I was quickly informed by the Vandy alums in the room that the Polenta cheese fries were not optional. In fact, I think our group of 18 ordered at least 10 plates of this, and after digging in, I understood why. The deep fried sticks of polenta and Pecorino Romano are paired with homemade balsamic ketchup. Definitely give these a try if you are in the neighborhood.


Australian Lamb Rack

Australian Lamb Rack

    I don’t order lamb all that often, but I was damn glad I did here. This herb marinated rack of lamb is roasted and served with a smoked sea salt-potato confit, fennel-pepper puree, TN goat cheese, and a giant roasted shallot. The lamb was cooked to a perfect medium-rare and the flavor packed crust added a great contrast of texture.

Marche’ Artisan Foods:

    I really liked this hipster-ish brunch spot we visited on Sunday. Though there was a 45 minute wait, it was worth it. The menu was loaded with creative and non-traditional dishes (no old school Eggs Benedict here). This isn’t a very flattering picture, but the crepes w/ braised pork, sweet potatoes, and mushroom veloute was a great savory way to start the day.

Crepes w/ braised pork

Crepes w/ braised pork

    I love the taste of Umami in the morning.

     All in all, it was a great weekend. The Dawgs won, the bourbon went un-noticed by security, and we got to catch up with a lot of great friends.

   Good times.

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Marché Artisan Foods on Urbanspoon

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    I really love goat cheese it is really delicous. Most of the time I eat it as a dessert or use it to make a salsa.

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